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Providing language, literacy, and speech therapy to children and teens throughout Arizona via telepractice.

Teletherapy Services




 Providing language, literacy, and  
 speech therapy to children and teens 
 throughout Arizona via telepractice.  

An Effective and Convenient Solution

Whether due to COVID-19 and social distancing or a busy schedule, some families choose online therapy (telepractice/teletherapy). Teletherapy can be an effective delivery model for many children. Below are some common questions and answers, and of course, feel free to reach out to discuss online therapy services. 

How exactly does teletherapy work?

Services look different for each child and family and are dependent on the age of the child, their goals, and what is being targeted during the session. 


For many children, teletherapy looks similar to in-person sessions, but with materials shared through a screen. 


We will also dedicate the end of our sessions for parent check-in and review of any new ideas/concepts taught during the session. Of course, parents are always welcome to be present throughout the entire session!

What do I need to do to prepare for our teletherapy session?

Prior to our first session, we will provide you with information for logging into the platform, troubleshooting tips, etc.  

Can we use a computer, tablet, or phone for teletherapy?

Clients can access the teletherapy platform from a computer or tablet with a web-based browser. Prior to your first session, we will provide you with directions for logging on.


Depending on the child’s goals and what is being addressed in the session, some children might benefit from using headphones during therapy. 

What about teletherapy adding to the amount of screen time my child is already getting?

Teletherapy services are different from the type of idle screen time experienced when watching TV. Online therapy sessions are interactive and socially engaging, increasing the quality of screen time and providing for a rich educational experience.

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