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Empowering children, teens, and parents through specialized therapy services, advocacy, and education.

Speech, Language, & Literacy Therapy

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& Literacy


 Empowering children, teens, and 
 parents through specialized therapy 
 services, advocacy, and education.  
We are committed to highlighting each client's strengths to help children build confidence and achieve their goals.

Begin with a Diagnostic Evaluation

Is your child struggling to keep up in school?  Parents and caregivers might find themselves trying to figure out the underlying reasons their child is having academic difficulties.  Language and literacy disorders can impact a child’s academic performance.  These disorders are complex, and the underlying issues are sometimes overlooked or misunderstood. Comprehensive evaluations allow us to identify a child’s strengths and needs and plan for intervention.

Literacy assessments assess how clients read written words and understand what they read, as well as spelling and language skills.  A comprehensive literacy assessment can diagnose reading disorders like dyslexia, and help parents and professionals know more about a child’s strengths and needs in order to plan for intervention.


Language assessments evaluate areas of concern related to how clients use and understand language.  For example, language assessment can involve testing related to vocabulary, grammar, sentence structures, and comprehension.


Speech evaluations involve an assessment to identify a child’s speech-sound (articulation) errors.


During our initial call, we will discuss your concerns and develop an evaluation plan to assess all areas of concern.

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Therapy, Intervention, Support

Speech, language, and literacy therapy services are provided one-on-one in the home, community, or online via telepractice. Parents are always encouraged to be an active part of any therapy session and there is dedicated time at the end of each session to review new skills and home practice recommendations.

Therapy is a thoughtful combination of direct intervention, coaching, and conversation. We believe that children learn best when they are engaged and motivated. We make sure to celebrate each client’s unique successes and investigate challenges experienced. 

Use the links below to learn more about the different services we offer. 

Language Therapy


Language therapy addresses each child's specific needs. Whether we are working on language comprehension, increasing vocabulary, or refining sentence structures, our therapy focuses on the building blocks for lasting communication success.


We always invite parents to be an active part of our sessions and dedicate time to answer questions and provide instruction on home practice programs. 

language therapy
Literacy Therapy


Lift Language and Literacy Therapy provides assessment and intervention for children and teens with reading disorders (including dyslexia). Using an approach individualized to each student, we address aspects of reading like:

Phonemic awareness – noticing and manipulating the sounds in words

Phonics – understanding the relationship between sounds and letters for spelling and reading

Reading fluency – reading ‘smoothly’, at an appropriate pace

Reading comprehension – understanding what is read.  Language skills (like vocabulary and knowledge about sentence structures) may play a role in a child’s reading comprehension

Children may struggle to read written words, understand what they read, or both.  Testing is key to understanding the underlying issues impacting reading abilities.  Through assessment, we can plan for intervention to meet a child’s individual needs.

Speech Therapy


Speech therapy for articulation disorders focuses on speech sound production. Speech therapy supports children in accurately producing sounds at the word, sentence, and conversational level. Home practice is a key component to speech therapy progress and parents are always involved in our process to ensure ongoing and lasting success. 


Get Started Today

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our process
Start with a free consultation call

Call to discuss your concerns, get your questions answered, and determine the appropriate next steps for your child. 

Attend your first appointment

Whether we begin with an evaluation or an initial consult, we will work as a team to develop an individualized plan and meaningful goals.

Achieve your goals

Regular progress monitoring helps us achieve goals and make adjustments to intervention when necessary.

Providing language, literacy, and speech therapy in Phoenix and Scottsdale. Services are available to clients located throughout the state of Arizona via telepractice.

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