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Pediatric Speech & Language Therapy

serving children & families in Tucson


Lift is a private practice offering speech & language therapy in Tucson. We offer comprehensive evaluations and home-based or online speech therapy services. It is our mission to help children communicate more clearly, celebrating their strengths and successes along the way.


We offer speech/language therapy services for children of all ages. We offer home-based or teletherapy services.

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Using evidence-based therapy approaches, we provide individualized therapy to address early language (late talkers) and expressive and receptive language disorders.


We are dedicated to helping children communicate clearly with others. Speech therapy services address speech-sound disorders for children and teens.

In-home or Online

Speech/language therapy services are provided wherever is most convenient for you. We offer in-home therapy for clients in the Tucson area. Online therapy is available for any client in the state of Arizona and is a great option for families who or live outside of our coverage area. 

therapy wherever you're most comfortable
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